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  1. Hi Eva, sorry to hear this but hopefully we can help you on your way. I would suggesting contacting customer support and letting them know the issue, they will be able to help resolve this by reviewing all aspects on the order between buyer and seller. Another solution to help you fix your website issue would be to contact your hosting company and ask if they can restore your website to before the issue happened. Thank you, Andrew Hi, how do I contact custom support? This is a nightmare, I’ve already lost 7 days of my website as its down. I have no idea how to restore? Will I get the money back and how can i prevent somebody else having the same nightmare? Eva
  2. Hi, I am extremely terrified and disappointed here. I paid a seller to install a new theme on my website. It was supposed to take 5 days. I have now extended by two extra days. The website is completely in shambles and all codes! He keeps blaming it on the hosting which is confirmed fine with Bluehost. However, he has gotten it deprecated. It was perfect before he started! He also doesn’t refund me. What can I do?? Eva
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