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  1. Very helpful post, Will. Although, I think it’s only proper to put it plainly to a seller if you are no longer interested in working with them, instead of letting them bug you like that. Some sellers have no other source of income and put their all into freelancing, you can’t expect them to easily let go of a transaction. Be open and direct. Thank you.
  2. And when you’re not getting any buyers requests?
  3. Having the right SEO will help with your impressions, but you want to turn those impressions to clicks, then orders so that’s only the first step. Best of luck!
  4. I’m a 24y/o singer, rapper and songwriter from Nigeria. Happy to find other musicians here?‍♂️
  5. FL, most user friendly. Adobe Audition, most flexible. It depends really, it’s more about what you do than how you do. The end justifies the means :man_shrugging:
  6. Patience is key, it’s not about the number of gigs you publish.
  7. You are welcome :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Best of luck!
  8. Sometimes you may have to be extremely patient and even go out of your way to ensure customer satisfaction. If you simply can’t stretch any further, it’s best to protect your mental space and terminate the transaction you have going on.
  9. Can you clarify the connection process. Thanks I assume it’s portraying your service/gig in a way that a buyer would relate to, reaching out as a fellow person who understands their needs and not just as someone who’s only trying to make money.
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