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  1. I have 1 gig and i have been using it actively for 1.5 years. I will create another one when its ready. But this information can change according to the services you provide. I draw characters and 1 gig is enough for it. Some guy with social media management might need individual gigs for per social media platform they can work on. Cover photos and gallery pictures are the second most important thing. You are correct about that. Making a collage out of many work you have done is a good way of showing many works at once. Just be careful to not look overwhelming. If you dont have a big social media pressence, its almost useless to share your gig on platforms. Who are you going to show it to? Your friends and familty? The car factory you are following? That is most likely be useless. However you can find someone with a lot of followers to do that for youç Showing some expertise is always a good idea. Nobody is great at everything, so presenting yourself as “i can do everything” is not believable. However some people would like to see some decoration. I dont think there is one true way for this. But surely, update your gig from time to time. In addition to this; This also affects how professional you look. Altough 5 dollars might be an amazing income in some countries, i would not stay as “i can sacrifice my firstborn for 5 dollars” No. Being reasonable with prices are important too. Cheaper is not always better. I havent have an experience like this, but outside of fiverr you can always, ALWAYS learn how to progress your business in fiverr by taking courses online and get better at the service you provide here. You can go on the internet and find many videos to improve yourself. This is very important and only way to crawl out of the hellish “new seller” curse Yes, you are right! There is a lot to know to be a good seller. Thank you for the edits and additions.
  2. I don’t think this system has a perfect algorithm. You may encounter all kinds of difficulties as long as you work with a project based freelencer. I think it would be correct to determine the internal ranks before hiring as an agency. The people who supervise the design and coordinate the freelencer should be different from each other. I do not know if I could express myself correctly, but there was an agency that I worked in this way and they were definitely competent people. In short, to create an efficient team, first of all, freelencers should be categorized according to the works that have potential. In this, there should be at least 3 people in the management group who train, supervise and approve.
  3. Why not. But keep in mind that there is a very short time for a customer to get an idea of ​​the logo. Making your work more uncertain can cause you to miss opportunities.
  4. This depends on which category you serve. It took 2 months for me. It may be more or less according to your potential.
  5. AT LEAST 3 AGENCIES! It’s THAT hard, Ha! I think the price depends on your range and the number of works you get, yes.
  6. This kind of situations really annoys me. Partially, you present most of the work to the client at the very beginning and they have the right to use them without payment. So it seems like we just have to deliver them hoping not to be scammed and believing their promises?? i don’t know…
  7. During my time on the platform, I realized that experienced sellers never used the concept of full time freelencer. I think the reason for this is that if you do not have at least 3 companies or agencies that you have agreed on a project basis, you can never spend a month without risk. I think these two questions complement each other and answer themselves. Those with reputation are reaching a larger ad network, and that is a reason for them to become ¨full-time freelencer¨.
  8. If you upload a completely unrelated file, the customer must mark it as the last revision and this will be a systemic problem. Unlimited revision may seem to prevent this. If you think a customer is abusing this, you can report themselves or show your authority at the beginning of the conversation.
  9. I think it is most important to be active within the site. I’m not just talking about being online. To use all advertising resources and to make the continuous gigs organized and impressive at first glance. Customers want to see what you claim in the title on the cover. At the same time, add potential buyers to your social life. Try to make redirects to Fiverr on different platforms. Do not forget that people who will buy services from you with just a few information as you wish may also be affected by the work of other people. You have to highlight what makes you different.
  10. You can make new gig adjustments or increase your gig count.
  11. May I know which bank transfer method you use for withdrawing money?
  12. For 6 months, I have been trying to get customers on fiverr through a popular category. I think it was the beginning of the year and I was very close to giving up. This is not an article I will tell about my own success story. Because I still haven’t achieved my goal. But I can talk about the constant customers I have right now and how I maintain regular flow. This may sound strange, but you should never say “yes that’s enough” for your works. Be open to improvement. But at some point you have to find yourself adequate and trust what you do. Charge a fair price for your work, no matter how much you need it. If you’re good and you know that, a $5 can make you look different in the eyes of your client. If you are not confident enough and set a high price, this will put pressure on you. Whatever job you do, follow the trends. This will always make you look more innovative. Be humble and be true to yourself. Just being online won’t make you different from others. Sometimes you can use your energy to be quality and turn it into something physical. It’s not all about tricks.
  13. Some of us say they work full time, but I wonder how this is really possible. Is a regular customer enough to make a profit for the whole month? I hope long time users answer my questions and give tips. Thank you.
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