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  1. Welcome to the forum. Wish you a bright career with Fiverr. Enjoy!
  2. She ain’t the Queen. – To those people who address others as dear, friend, ma-am, lovely, etc, etc, DON’T DO IT, IT’S CREEPY AS HELL Thank you so much I didn’t really know about it. I will refrain from addressing these next time. Thank you again.
  3. Hi, howtodoseo, Yes, you are right. I want to increase the price of the gig but But I have heard that editing a gig loses the rank. I can’t edit for fear of this. I’m sharing gigs on several social media. Thank you so much for giving me the idea of ​​Reddit. I started sharing on Reddit from today.
  4. I don’t see a fraud here :thinking: you proposed to cancel an order, not your client. As I understand he was just asking for a bit more time to review your delivery? Well if so then it’s on you on how you managed this situation. Ma’am, he was a cheater. The time did not match with his country. He didn’t do any new project with anyone. Moreover, if I texted him, he would never reply. There were so many inconsistencies. What I had to do then.
  5. Hi humanissocial, In fact, I was not aware of this at first. When I realized later, I had nothing more to do. He would not reply to me when I wanted to contact my buyer. But he was always online. He would tell me to increase time again and again but he would not tell me where he needed modification. Then I ask him to cancel the order mutually. As a result, my gig went down. The order is not coming. But I believe that no matter what the problem, I will be able to move forward with your sincere cooperation and love. Thank you so much. Have a Great Day!
  6. Hi andrewcarpen756, Thank you so much for sharing this important information. I hope everyone needs to know. The number of spammers in Fiverr is already very high. They usually target new sellers. A negative review or an order cancellation is very scary for a seller. The horror of which I can feel in my bones. I hope everyone will be careful from the spammer. And also had a great day! Thank You
  7. There are many fraudulent buyers on Fiverr which is very difficult for new sellers to understand … How to identify these fraudulent buyers, seek expert advice. I fell into the trap of a fraudulent buyer a few days ago and I had to cancel that order. I want ideas on how to overcome this problem in the future.
  8. Contact the customer support. They solve the problem. Don’t worry.
  9. After cancelation order volume goes down. Its too much tough for now. But ii hope i recover in this situation. Thank you so much bro.
  10. You preferred to ask Forum users for information that is available to everyone in Fiverr’s help. All about order completionhttps://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010975257-All-about-order-completion You’ll find the answers to your questions there. Good luck! Thank you so much brother.
  11. Increase the cancellation rate? You cancel more orders. I assume you want to say DECREASE the cancellation rate, in this case you just deliver orders and don’t cancel. That’s all you have to do. Alex Ohh sorry. Yes i meant to say decrease my cancelation rate. I canceled my order at Nov 5. In fiverr it count over 60 days. But last 2 weeks its increasing. Is there any way to keep it in 100%?
  12. I have completed 13 orders and 1 canceled. After cancelation, my cancelation rate decreased. It’s down from 88% to 83%. How to count this ratio? And how I can increase my cancelation rate. Thank you.
  13. Yes, you can. Because passports are acceptable in Every Country.
  14. Make your gig image eye-catchy and write your description unique. Do not copy a single word from others. Share your gig on social platform.
  15. I have been facing the same problem for several months. Gig is losing rank. What is the solution to this problem? Sharing through social media is not solving the problem.
  16. Don’t find my header section without the message as shown. How can i do? Let me help. Screenshot 2020-11-11 185853997×256 14.9 KB
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