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  1. I have got my first order on Fiverr after 6 months of hard work Then last 3 months I have got level one seller.
  2. Regular send buyer request and active online. Then you get first order.
  3. New Seller- Create 7 gig social media marketing your gig. 24 hours active online. regular buyer request send. active regular fiverr forum. Thanks.
  4. Yes, I also used this size. 1100 * 740 is perfect for all devices.
  5. I have got a level one seller.
  6. I can't get any orders. - I haven't received any orders since I became a Level 1 seller. Now if I do, I will get the order again. There are no orders and my gig clicks and impressions are going down day by day. It's been 25 days since I became a level 1 seller. But I can't get any orders. What can I do now help me a little. Thanks. Rajon971.
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