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  1. Yes share your gig on different platforms
  2. what is a reply of the support customer …
  3. you have email of fiverr support customer ,
  4. write the email with complete description send the fiverr support customer
  5. kindly email the support customer, i also have same problem i am contact the the support customer and active my gig now show on search result
  6. contact to support customer , i have same issue now fiver active my gig in search result …
  7. simply contact to support customer he will relase your gig on search page…
  8. i have solution for you go to youtube and watch the some video how to create and publish the gig on fiverr
  9. only one solution for this problem contact the support customer team tell him problem
  10. same problem happen with me somebody tell me to contact the fiver support customer
  11. This is my experienced to gain order new seller 1- target the low competition keywords 2- complete SEO of your gig 3- attractive picture and description 4-share your gig in soical media 5-stay active on fiverr
  12. My gig is disappear on search result … after i am change the thumbnail of the gig, what can i do ?
  13. here i can see there is 16,099 services on this keywords this is very low commpitation keyword … you need some modification on your gig dont worry i am guide you step by step
  14. Hello … 1-proofread and edit your document did you check the computation level of your keywords? 2-Word flow on this keyword 3- Seo of your gig 4- share this gig in a daily basis
  15. can i contact the fiverr team to send the email with gig link?
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