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  1. Hello!! 😃 Thanks for replying to my messages. Thanks for the suggestion but I have tested them both you suggested. It seems you blocked the access from my local sim data. I can access them from my office wifi services but I can’t access it from my phone’s data. I think there are other internal problems I am having. Kindly, check that & give me your feedback. Moreover, I am new at this family but I love you guys. 😃 Regards, Akteruzzaman Raju
  2. I am used to be work hard everyday. For that, withing 24 days of opening profile i got 02 orders. 1 of them became cancelled. 😢
  3. No no!! He ordered for 1000 post with screenshots. I send him those 1000+ screenshots, then he told to revise them. After revise he just cancelled it.
  4. Hello everyone!! 😃 I am a new seller on fiverr. Outside, I am working for a garments industry. I completed 1 orders during my 24 days fiverr life. I got another order of $100 a few days ago. The work was about to write 1000 Hebrew post on different groups & take their screenshots. I completed the order & deliver him(buyer) the screenshots as usual. But he said to revise the project. now you guys please Suggest me, what to revise him about this work. Then after more 100 post, I delivered him the project. He just cancelled the order. My completion rate is now 50% 😢 Maybe my freelancing career is just finished. 😢 Suggest me what to do now. I am helpless. N.B: The buyer is from *******& his profile was written as TOP BUYER MOD NOTE country reference removed
  5. It could not destroy my career if I got 1k+ orders. Its my second order. If he blocks me & gives me a 1* review it will just destroy my freelancing career. I don’t loose my family.
  6. I tried to communicate with him through inbox but there is no space to send him message. I am worried about that. Moreover, I sent him message through order box 24 hours ago, still he had not replied on it. What will done if he block me on fiverr ?
  7. What will be done if he blocked me ? Can’t I complete the order or after delivery will it be cancelled automatically ? I am in very fear of this problem. My career will fully destroyed if this will happened.
  8. “Yes” he just accepted the orders & The order is in queue with 26 days expiry date. I searched for his profile by the username but its backing to my own dashboard
  9. “Yes” he just accepted the orders & The order is in queue with 26 days expiry date. I searched for his profile by the username but its backing to my own dashboard
  10. “yes” they are in order queue with 26 days 7 hours deadline.
  11. Hello!! 😃 Hope you all are going through a busy time. I am facing a problem, I can’t identify whether it’s big or small, That’s why I am here. I taken a custom order of $100 from a buyer. As usually, I started to work with it, But suddenly today morning (10 AM BD time) I am seeing that there is no buyer such as that name. His profile is gone. My question is,“What will be done with my profile now ?” N.B: His profile was written as TOP BUYER & His had over 1k+ profile rating. What should I do now ? I am helpless.
  12. Yes, I deleted this gig which service I can’t give to clients.
  13. Sir, Kindly do me the favor. Tell me how to get audience
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