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  1. Welcome. Be patient and honest and make sure you can deliver what you offer. Best wishes.
  2. Congratulations… I give thanks to God for you and pray you receive many more orders and do a fabulous job on them all.
  3. Hi everyone. Great news, Just completed my very first order after sending 79 BR. Received a big tip and met an excellent and professional buyer. Thank you to those who send and gave me invaluable advice re my Gigs and on how to write a buyer request. 😄 Highest praises to God who sent this buyer to my Gig. 🙏
  4. I am thankful I am not trying to break into my niche at this time with the world the state it is in and with the number of new sellers there are on Fiverr doubling. Have you seen this list put together by one of our frequent Forum users, @blavaro ? All_Services2424×2751 1.5 MBYes, there are a lot of new sellers. But I refuse to give up, with God all things are possible
  5. Thank you for that perspective @vickiespencer, didn’t look at that view.
  6. That’s exactly what I have been doing @thebrightworker in most cases. That’s why I’m looking for guidance.
  7. That you @imagination7413 for this invaluable advice; I will definitely take it on board.
  8. Hi everyone. My question is do I price my offers in Buyer Request based on the budget given by the buyer?
  9. Congratulations. It must feel awesome. Been waiting for mine now for a month. Hope I’ll be as blessed as you.
  10. Hi everyone. I’m new here. Hoping to get some assistance. Can you review my Gigs please https://www.fiverr.com/urdatacreator?public_mode=true
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