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  1. so this client came up and he wants me to voicechat with him on discord for his project. I asked him if he can wait till i confirm if its okay or not. Please only experience ones answer, Kindly. and the order and payment will all be on fiverr.
  2. obviously i can read it too, but its just a promotion of the product. there is nothing 18+ in the video. its just the product that is 18+. it will only show details about the product written on the screen nothing else and how to use it
  3. I just recieved a message from a top buyer and he wants to do a promo video about a product disposable personal injector. I want to ask if making promo about such products violates the fiverr terms ? its a lubricant. and he want a somewhat 18+ kind of video but infographic video
  4. It depends on various aspects. country, skill, experience. I know plenty people who are earning handsome income in Pakistan through fiverr and having a successful career. Idk about US, but I think no one with a family or even individual can sustain in 1000$ a month (correct me if am wrong), But in my country if a guy is earning 1000$ through this platform he is above average salary person or you can say he is earning double amount of what normal budget for a family guy earns.
  5. This is what the other side of online platform like fiverr people on youtube and other creators don’t show. Literally there are 100 of videos in my country promoting “earn 1000$ with no skill on fiverr”
  6. Happy new year and a Hope for everyone out there. May you have good health and succeed in what you wish.
  7. Is it a myth that sales do decrease at this time of the year or is it true.
  8. Did you check your canvas size when exporting this an png ? Make sure the canvas is same as the size you are going for. Otherwise If that’s ok I am sure they is no other thing you can go.
  9. exactly, Or instead going for 3 sizes 72x72 and other two. You can go for one 112x112 and twitch will automatically manage its sizes.
  10. I believe you are doing it for twitch emote or twitch sub badge. Im also providing services for twitch, so there is no way and infact no need to have better quality. If it looks good without zooming in, you are good to go.
  11. Have you tried it or just saying because you read it somewhere ? Sorry, but i need someone who has experienced this.
  12. will there be a negative impact if I change my gig tag ? its almost a month I have created gig and I got orders but it was from buyer requests. My daily impressions are between 150-250. But I need to change a tag and it is important for my niche, because that is the most common tag people search for. Only experienced sellers who have done this share your views on this
  13. Brother I strongly say no, I have done this in my video gig and believe me it costed me a warning from Fiverr support. Some said i was lucky because they warned me about this and mostly they just suspend the profile with such actions. I think you can mention it in a gig description, Now im not sure about this because i have only heard this not seen somewhere, But never tried it because I can’t put my profile in red flag again. Good luck
  14. Hey, looking into your gig and I can help you improve your gig as im also providing services in the same category. Correct your grammatical mistakes, its everywhere in your description.Check your gig tags, there are plenty of threads you can watch and learn how to improve your gig via search tags.Offer something that is unique and everyone cannot get hands on, most of your logo are available Online. Buyers come to fiverr for unique services, that isn’t provided everywhere.This one is optional, you can try it. Video is a great way to engage for viewers and selecting the preview of video for your gig, be selective so your gig preview stands out in the category list.
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