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  1. Hi. I was recently contacted by a buyer via the chat system, but they've set themselves as "unavailable", so I can't write them back. Is there any other way of contacting them?
  2. Check your gig tags, compare them against top performers in your industry; Do the same thing for your gig titles; See if you can improve your gig thumbnails - make them pop out more.
  3. I’d also recommend looking at the tags that your competitors are using (people in the same category as you) and update them in your own gigs. That can help gig placement.
  4. If your gigs are fully set-up, then there isn’t really a ‘good time to be online.’ You should just check it for messages/notifications periodically, whenever it’s convenient.
  5. Hi! I have a question related to the inclusion of my portfolio on my gig. I occasionally translate articles on Wikipedia in my mother language, and I’m wondering - is it a good idea to add these articles to my gig portfolio somehow, and if it is, how I could go about doing that? Thanks in advance.
  6. Here are a few landing sites you should consider
  7. The biggest value that I can see in this program is the priority selection for “promoted” and “rising talent” etc, since I doubt the coaches would be able to provide much knowledge that the seller couldn’t have found out on some forum/book/site (or whatever) related to their industry, but it would undoubtedly be a nice bonus regardless. It’s a pretty good way for the platform to generate more revenue though, which I can’t fault them for.
  8. It looks good, but I’d change the formatting of the packages to quantify the volume of the work being done rather than how many hours it takes you, because the delivery time is already specified anyway.
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