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  1. hi, thanks. No offence but if you carefully read my post, i never said “help i have no orders”. i do have order, but from old client. if you read carefully too, i said help for explain why my gigs impression fall down over 14 days. i explain too that i never do late delivery or get bad review. but my impression still fall down. that’s what i need to know and need help. no offence
  2. hi i’m just remember i ever do that. i give my client my email to do conversation, and i don’t know that’s forbidden. i got flaged. but it’s 2 or 3 months ago. after that my impression is go up again. the issue is right now that i don’t understand why it’s fall down without any reasons
  3. Hi thanks for reply. No. No at all. i have Instagram account, but never mention anything about my Fiverr account. even my client know my Instagram because they visit my Fiverr first. i think they search by name or see my bio. My Fiverr purely grown by the Fiverr algorithmy.
  4. Hi everyone. I’m new to Fiverr. around 8 months ago since my first client. So just a little story that my gigs were has good performance. never run out for client except when I’m turning out “Out of Office” after I back turn it ON, the impressions will fall down for 4 or 5 days and then it will raise again. so my gigs were 4 days delivery and just limit for 5 order max. so when I’m full, I turn on the “Out of Office”. for now, I change my delivery time to 10 days, and not limit my order. the impression goes up over 4000 in one day. I got over 3 orders in one day, everything goes smoothly. never run out of order. BUT NOW, I don’t know what happens, my impression falls down from 2000 to 300 in no time. no client chat me anymore except old client comeback. I don’t do anything, it’s just falling down for over 14 days. it’s only 100-200 impressions every day. I never give late delivery, I always on time. all the rating is 5. but there’s no new client shown up or start the conversation. it’s frustrating me. I’m living with Fiverr. it will ruin my life when this keeps happening over time. can anyone explain what’s going on? PLEASE HELP! here’s the screenshot of my gigs impression in 30 days. Screenshot_21234×287 21 KB
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