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  1. You are facing after 5 year i am facing after getting level 1 from 3 month
  2. I check them all my gig aren’t showing work
  3. That’s the wrong thing you done you cant copy you can take inspiration but if two of them comes closer fiverr al
  4. they are too slow because of pandemic I think they should hire some employ from fiverr
  5. Hi Recently i lost my gig rank . I don’t know why ? i completed 50 orders with positive feedback now all my gig showing in last page i am fear of it will be out of last page tomorrow
  6. My order Completion % decrease automatically 😰 not even cancel any order or problem with any order !! No buyer giving me less star or bad review then why my % is decreasing !! Not get many order in January on that this decrease why why why ???
  7. you have that link ?/ i want to read and learn //
  8. i am frequently doing it from past many months no changes are shown
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