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  1. I think multiple gigs, it will improve your all gig impressions.
  2. In order to become a successful seller on Fiverr, you need a basic understanding of how this platform works and what their goal is. Today i am going to share my personal experience with new sellers, After working on fiverr as a graphic designer and staying on the Top rated seller slot for a quite long time, i will share my experience in a nutshell. 1- Create professional, and attractive gigs. Provide relevant and clear information in your gig description as well as your profile about the services you offer. 2- Set a relatively low price in start. Set a low price until you reach a significant number of positive reviews. 3- Stay online, respond fast. Stay online as much as possible in the beginning, and respond quickly to the customers, it will help to get their attraction. One of the Fiverr’s key metrics is the response time of sellers. 4- Your services should be unique. Try to find some aspects that make your services unique. Now a days it's hard to offer something unique but still find one. 5- Focus on gathering reviews rather than earning in the start. In the start focus on getting some great reviews instead of earning, once you reached a potential number of review, your gig will be automatically ranked high and then raise your prices after some reviews.
  3. Hey fellows.. i didn't get my gig promotion option yet, Is there anyway i can claim one?

  4. Yes, Staying online is important for getting more clicks and impressions.
  5. This problem occurs when we use two differents networks for the same account, i-e one for the laptop/desktop is different from the one for mobile. Try to get connected from the same old network (that you had been using since long) on all devices.
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