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  1. When my gig was rank .Every week I got 2 or 3 order. Now i don't get new order. At the moment Going down every day. So How to improve my gig and get more order. Thank you.
  2. To cancel the order really is very bad for seller. But I thing fiverr support give a good salutation.
  3. I am level 2 seller. about 6 month when i get level 2. i get many order. Last 2 month i get only 2 or 3 new order. How to find new client.
  4. Well, as a new seller on Fiverr you have to struggle for first order such as. Every Day Sent 10 Buyer request. And also Share Your Gig Social Media Try To active Long Hours About 15/18 hours I hope you will get Very soon Your First order thanks.
  5. First of all, I need to understand the buyer’s requirements and what they want. I will try to explain the project. and describe deeply. I can do it very well for you. ❤️
  6. when your gig got rang you find easily.
  7. Try to stay online longer and send buyer requests at 10 every day. Hopefully your sales will increase.
  8. This is a common occurrence, involving many sellers with them
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