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  1. As a professional Data Entry Operator, I started this journey since August 13, 2020. After 2.5 months, I got my first project. However in 7th January, 2021 I mainly got more project day by day and finally I completed 79 project with achievement Level 2 Badge. Mainly I have a suggestion for the new seller "Stay on & put up with", one day you will success. Thank you.
  2. As a new freelancer, I started my career on Fiverr. After 2.5 months I got my first order. So, for new seller my suggestion is carry on one day you will success.
  3. Welcome to fiverr community and Best of luck.
  4. Congratulation for your 2nd Success and Best of luck.
  5. Promotes the preservation and protection of all languages
  6. @j6nyc6 Don’t worry. It was maybe an updated time. That is why 0 impression
  7. @duaemran $56 is your expected earning. When your buyer accept your delivery it add on pending clearance part. Fiverr tasks are 20%. So, you get $56 from $70 budget. That means it is your expected earning now.
  8. @marketer_riazul Contact with Customer Support. 2 days ago, I contact for same problem and they replay me.
  9. @ali_hasnii Please email CS support@fiverr.com
  10. @mjensen415 Happy New Year.
  11. @biswajoyti3671 Welcome to fiverr community!!! Very proud that you are Bangladeshi. Best of luck.
  12. @alsafin welcome to fiverr community!!! Best of luck
  13. @adilrehman896 Check spam option. I hope buyer sample is something wrong. That is why, It’s drop down on spam.
  14. @farhansstore Don’t worry. I got my first order after 2.5 months. So, Carry on. I hope you will success.
  15. @j_hossen welcome to fiverr community! Best of luck.
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