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  1. Fiverr is undoubtedly one of the best platforms for Freelancers until and unless it comes to the quality of support team, totally a buyer friendly platform where sellers are ignored in a very partial way.
  2. Communication skills are also important in Fiver to expand.
  3. So I am a professional hijacker in Fiver! still you are lucky that your gig is safe😉 no worries it will be safe. I think some people should also try to analyze the concept of a discussion in the forum, the question I asked indicates that whether new sellers can get benefits from personal portfolios as the person who posted this topic also mentioned about this issue of portfolio. So I also asked for an expert advice about it.
  4. Can you please tell me what's the anti-spam policy of this forum? even someone comes with a suggestion for a problem will it also be considered as a spam for the forum? curious mind wants to know😇?
  5. Is it useful to include a personal portofolio in Fiver profile?
  6. As same as like that price fluctuations of share markets🤪..
  7. Side-effects vary on a person to person basis based on hardness of immunity and other strengths of health.
  8. I believe it's all about previous reputation and a rating in the profile which makes the difference between the freelancers.
  9. In a buyer based platform like Fiver things like this are inevitable with sellers, but why you got a negative feedback from that seller? didn't you deliver the exact work the client was looking for?
  10. I just don't know that buyer requests are a blessing for sellers or waste of time??🤑🙄
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