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  1. Hi everyone!I wanted to give a heads up that there is a fake Fiverr homepage being messaged to sellers! Please be cautious when receiving unusual messages. I reported this message and encourage others to do the same if they receive one.I received a message today from user “writer79” and the message said “we have some image. need 500-700 words article about the image. its very urgent work. please tell me what's your rate and work time ? go and see a image”. There was a link included in the message, and after I clicked on it, I was shown a fake Fiverr homepage that asked me to log into my account.Be careful with your account information, you don’t want to lose your hard earned dollars! 🙂
  2. Hi everyone,How to get new orders? that is a question is raising in every new seller had in his mind.I also trying to get new order for my services. After having 28 days I got only 1 order.Please post your views…
  3. You have need to complete 10 order and earn $400 then you got level 1 seller badge during this day no warning also needed.
  4. Hi sellers! Every seller need a continuously promotion on the main social networks from the internet to get more orders. ###Top 10 social networks in the world are: Twitter Facebook LinkedIn MySpace Pinterest Stumbleupon Plurk FriendFeed Delicious Quora Also, an efficient way to promote your gig is via Fiverr’s Collections (but you need to convince somebody to collect your gig)! OTHER WAYS: If you believe that the social networks listed above are enough to promote personaly your gig, and you have thousands of followers and friends on these social networks… congratulations! Also, if you can convince another seller or buyer from Fiverr to collect you gig… congratulations again! BUT IF YOU CAN’T? BUT IF YOU HAVE ONLY A FEW HUNDREDS OF FRIENDS ON MAIN SOCIAL NETWORKS? ***** Hire I can HELP you (but you need to order this gig)!!! ****** I’m offering to you this special offer, where I will: promote your gig on Top 10 social networks (social websites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn, MySpace, Plurk, and so on - PR10 to PR7 websites); also, your gig will be advertised from these social networks; and finally I will collect your gig, and deliver you a detailed report!
  5. From my personal experience that I have had on Fiverr, there have been many times when I cannot figure out what type of gigs to post. Here are my tips to find the successful gig! Research the Internet You have to see what other people want in order to be successful on the internet and especially Fiverr. Researching topics helps insure your own sales. Content Sometimes finding the right gig to create is not about the gig at all. It is about the effort that you put forth towards your gig. If you are going to sit around and not do any work then you will not be successful, but if you work hard then over time you will gain more and more success. What is hip? BE YOURSELF! Talk to your friends and see what they thing would be fun to do. The more fun that you have doing the gigs the better that it will be in the long run. I hope that these tips help you guys out! Check me out!
  6. Hi, Everyone wants to be successful, but this market have become flooded with competition. I’m pretty sure you’ve thought of that one gig that you specialize in, but then you did your research and found plenty of other gigs offering the same thing you are. That’s a pain, right? I’m going to show you my way of climbing your way to the top of Fiverr with this guide. Things to know: Firstly, you want to do critical thinking before getting started. Find the niche you specialize in, then figure out how you can dominate your competition. You could offer something that your competition isn’t, or you could even provide a sample. It’s like when you go to the mall and there’s someone there giving away free samples. If you like it, you’ll most likely come back and buy more. You’ll then want to start doing your keyword research. The importants of keywords are essential to your success because you want people to be able to type in the keywords you’ve chosen and able to buy. I’m going to assume that you know what to do when it comes to keyword research and move on to the next. Getting Started: Now, you want to get started on your gig. You’ll want to firstly work on an eye catching thumbnail. If there’s anything more important in business, it’ll be a good thumbnail because it’ll be important on your gig’s first impression. I’d suggest you create your thumbnail via Adobe Photoshop, or anything you’re good with. Next, you’ll need to create a perfect name for your gig, example, if I wanted to start a gig on how to learn how to build a kit car, you’ll should have name your gig “How to BUILD a kit car”. Notice how “BUILD” is capitalized, which Fiverr allows you to capitalize 1-2 words in your gig’s title. That’ll help you gain attention, plus your amazing thumbnail. Description: Your description is probably one of the most important factors to your success. It plays a big role when it comes to your keywords. This is mostly important to your SEO, which will be your body text. You would want to make sure you give an outstanding descriptive description. You want to make sure you use your chosen keyword 3-4 times in your description to ensure your SEO is in good standings. Marketing: It’s important that you don’t depend on people finding you. It’ll be great to create a YouTube promoting your service and even show your proof. You’ll also want to do your keyword research for your video too cause it’ll be important for your exposure. There’s also a gig that’ll I will provide to help you get views for your videos (real). Besides YouTube would be forums. Many successful people on Fiverr advertise their gigs on popular forums that have thousands upon thousands of active members, which I’ll also provide a few at the end. Other options would be the most common way of marketing, and that’s social networks. You can advertise via Facebook, twitter, etc. Backlinks: I’ll make this final one short and simple. You should create blog comments on relevant topics upon your niche. Try to blend into the environment of the site and slide in your URL. Do this on multiple sites, but DO NOT spam on blogs because most are removed. No one wants filth on their website. Learn footprints to be able to find the best way to find your best blog to promote your gig. Ending (links): Getting thousands of views + video likes & more: http://fiverr.com/raysokool/give-you-750-plus-real-human-views-on-youtube fragglesrock. (sorry, no outside links) This is the most I can help you with for now people, I’m a bit sleepy now because I’m writing this late at night when I could be sleeping now, so I hope you all find this useful. Thanks
  7. 1. You can follow below this step :- 2. Research more gig about your category. 3. Select low competitor keyword base title. 4. Create attracted thumbnail. 5. Research 5 low competitor keyword what use in your gig. 6. Active more time. As your possible. 7. You can complete popular skill test. 8. Provide quality project with on time delivery 9. Try to provide best description. 10. Create high Quality profile. ## If you like it, please love and comment. Thank You
  8. I want to edit my gig coz my gig thumbnail is not more attracting .So, I want that my old gig image delete and replace new image in there. If I do this, it will be any impact my on gig or I should delete and create newly. Expertise are kindly advice me. I’m little bit confused about this. I am waiting for your valuable comments. Thank you
  9. I have lost ranking since 2 orders in 1 gig. Should I change the title of the gig? kindly advice if you are expert. Advance Tnx.
  10. try to active manually not by extensions.
  11. Its really help full for new seller. tnx bro.
  12. thank so much for making this such kind of video. it was really help full for me
  13. Hi there, I am Milon Mohonto. I work in Graphic Design. I am so happy to see and join this community . please if you want to share your experience or any tips for me it will be better for me to work in fiverr . Thank you
  14. try to more time online as well as marketing your gig in social media
  15. can you explain which social media …?
  16. Can you kindly tell the social media name…?
  17. Recently I am publish in my gig but I can not get impression and click properly…?
  18. Which method if I follow to My gig is come on the first page. can you advise me to solve this problem?
  19. I need help with our senior experts and experienced person…?
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