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  1. I can’t access my Fiverr account, every time I try to log in with my account I get the message “Wrong username or password, please try again”. and when I try to change my password I get “The email address you entered could not be found”. This doesn’t make sense. I deleted my fiverr profile of this email, so I create a new one with my other email, I know I can have only one profile, thats why I deleted my old profile. I tried to contact Fiverr on Instagram but they still don’t answer me, and I think that to request technical service I have to be online and do it from my account, right? But I cant sign in. A few moments ago I tried to register again with the email I was using and it appears that I am available to use it as if my account never existed but my profile and gig are still on Fiverr, it appears that I am not connected in 5 days.
  2. Cheers and thanks for the welcome, nayan_das.
  3. Congratulations mxvect! I’m a new seller too I hope will be the first of many gigs you make.
  4. Hi, my name’s Alejandro (adler28) I’m a freelancer and music enthusiast. As a new seller, I’m excited about the possibilities on this website and I would love to be part of the Fiverr community because I know that everyone here has an interesting story to tell, dreams, and projects. Thank you and stay safe!
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