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  1. Thank you guys for the support. I’ll check this ou lloyd. Thanks for that.
  2. Oh cracp. Ok so basically i’ve got scammed and thats it. So i learned now. I’m really sad.
  3. Thanks, but is there any way for get a refund for this buyer?
  4. Hi, so he just contacted me and came asking me for the track, then i made it and I sent to him. For real i dont know how the work order works. I’m totally beginner here.
  5. I’ll not say the buyers name for the privacy. He dont want to pay for my work - $10 for the track I produced an entire track for him, he sent me the reference of the song, i made it, mastered and mixed it, sent it to him, he already has the entire track at 320kps. I made it in less than 1 day so he can see that i’ll work really well and fast for him. But he does not want to pay for my work. I ask the Fiverr team for help, as I worked for him for free. Besides taking a long time to answer, he says that my track is only a demo, but in fact it is ready and finished, mixed and mastered. At first I was suspicious that he was a scammer, because when I asked him to check the banner and give me an answer, he told me to analyze his ratings, to look legit. All reviews are positive and have 5 stars, but I have doubts that he bought them. I believe he is a scammer, and I want the money from my work. He just have the entyre track, and then, dont want to pay for it. He just took the track and then jumped out. Also blocked me! I already reported him. Oh i forgot to tell that i’m really new on this platform, just trying to work for some money, cause i’ve got unemployed by this pandemic time. I’m totally broke and screwed and so I thought I could get some money here. But then it happened. So what can i do now?
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