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  1. While in theory this sounds great, the majority of buyers here are so click happy to order most times, they will bypass this notice on Gigs and order anyways. Even if you have it in your Requirements page that they contact you BEFORE ordering, that wouldn’t work because the Requirements are filled out after one places an order. I suppose one could put it in their FAQ’s - but again, people who come to Fiverr tend to come here because they do not have to jump through hoops to order something - they just see a service they want or like and click a button. Easy peasey - not so easy for certain sellers or Gigs offered here who do need that before you order “interview” to see if they are a good match for what the buyer needs. GG Thanks so much - that was very helpful. All the best.
  2. Unfortunately, that is not how the platform works. I usually leave a brief message in my gig description asking buyers to contact me first before placing an order. Other than that there is nothing you can do to delay the clock. Once the requirements are in, it’ll start. That’s a pity that Fiverr doesn’t offer such a useful feature.
  3. Is there a button to accept an order, after which the deadline time starts ticking? I really hope Fiverr can offer/introduce this feature, because currently I discover an order has been made and I’ve already lost time without having had the option of clicking to accept an order after which I’ve got the full 24-hour turnaround time.
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