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  1. Wow! @ash_r_1997 that is a first! Sometimes I feel so naive! Ughhh that is a terrible abuse of this system. I hope that person is not a seller offering to increase your Youtube channel subscribers! I am assuming you blocked this buyer and reported it to customer service! Yes, i have done that?. Learnt a lesson now? on how to deal.
  2. Thank You so much for sharing this video…Yesterday I came across a buyer who insisted me to subscribe to his youtube channel and send him that screenshot. He said he wanted a logo design and that i must subscribe to his channel. But minutes after that conversation, the user cannot be found on fiverr… since im a new seller, i dint know what to do. The seller even deleted the messages in the inbox. I cant believe that i fell for this​:unamused:😑
  3. Thank You Sir for sharing your valuable article. Will definitely keep these points in mind while working .
  4. Thank You so much for the detailed explaination in order to Improve our created gig. Will definitely give it a try. Thanks alot Ma’am?
  5. Went through the link and found it easy to use and got many options to choose from?
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