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  1. Now the seller wants to apologize after 10 days 😂 and want to settle it between us. Just cancel the order. Why isn’t there an emoji pulling hair out?
  2. Going on Day 9. I will let you know. DO NOT let the order go to complete. Reject the order every 2 days.
  3. I’m not asking you for a thing but to go make those billions for yourself.
  4. A professional one. Not personal. Not rude, but informative.
  5. Well, this Piece of Shit, was talking mainly talking about this situation and when upon research there are plenty more like it. The fact that I’m asking a question and you cast judgment…If you think Sellers are the only way they make money, you are mistaken. Buyers aren’t even their only income on Fiverr. Im not speaking as some newbie, Ive been on here since the beginning.
  6. I’ve always been able to close tickets on my own, once I was satisfied with the solution, or it wasn’t relevant anymore, maybe you missed the option. I just want this guy off the platform so he doesm’t scam or abuse anyone else.
  7. This is absolute BS. Ultimately both make Fiverr money, but if anything, sellers make the money, because sellers produce the product that is for sale, and on which Fiverr takes commission. Money comes from production, and the sellers are the ones actually producing something. If there were no sellers, Fiverr would make 0 because it would have nothing to sell. That sentence alone was incredibly disrespectful. The monies placed on the website come from the buyers, not sellers. Yes, sellers provide the service and Fiverr provides the platform. But to keep monies coming in you have to protect the BUYER. I’ll be an entitled POS thank you very much and I hope you will be a billionaire one day. 😘
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