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  1. To get the first order is a little bit hard. I’m sharing my experience of how I got my first order. When I created the gig from what I got my first order was in a unique category. There were only 700+ something gigs in total. After creating the gig I started sharing it on my social media platforms. After four or five days later I got my first order. So of you want to get the first order in Fiverr you have to follow some tips. These are: Try to stay active more than 20 hoursSelect unique category to create a gigStart social media marketingPray to Almighty Allah Hope you will get your first order soon InshaAllah.
  2. Today is my 38 day & completed 6 order. I have two running order as well. You have to keep yourself active as much as you can. Need to share your gigs in social media. Then I think you will get your first order.
  3. First of all make sure your activity is more than 15/20 hours. Then start sharing your gigs in social media. Also send buyer request everyday. Hope you will get your first order soon. Thank you.
  4. Welcome to the Fiverr Community. 😊
  5. Thank you. I’ve don the second one & waiting for third order.
  6. Hi there, I’m Mahfuj from Bangladesh. I usually use my sim network for browsing Fiverr. At first, I used WiFibut after a few days later it was not available. So I started using sim network through mobile hotspot. But a few hours ago my phone was stolen. That’s why I have lost my sim also. Now I’m using from another sim. My previous sim is not possible to renew. Will it make any problem for my Fiverr account? Sorry for bad English.
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