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  1. Really this is very informative post. I always maintain this when i apply for an buyer request. Make sure you are 100% sure that you could complete the buyer requirements. As well as you could complete the project on time. By the way thanks for your post brother.
  2. Best of luck! Hope you will get it very soon. work hard.
  3. Best of luck! Hope that comes very soon! keep trying…
  4. This is what fiverr says about the referral commission (Fiverr Credit) - Fiverr Credits are funds you can only use for buying services on Fiverr, within a limited period of time. Please note credits data is updated every few minutes . If you found this answer helpful you can mark this issue been solved. Thank you.
  5. As per Fiverr term of referral commission you can only use to buy any service from this referral commission amount that called as Fiverr credit. That’s why you couldn`t withdrawn the amount left in your balance. Hope you understand you can check the balance of fiverr credit - https://www.fiverr.com/users/farahtasnim23/edit/payment_methods
  6. I see.You can read this https://www.fiverr.com/referral_program hope you get help from there.
  7. If you got 64$ order you might receive 51.20$ after deducting Fiverr 20% fee. How it`s would be 55$? Please explain if you had any previous balance? and how many showings in your available balance?
  8. You can withdraw your available balance showing after your profile. Is it 55$ showing in your available balance?
  9. Best of luck. Try to send buyer requests hope that work!
  10. If you seen none of them not shown up any of keywords search then try to delete them and newly create and post with correct category and sub-category hope that help!
  11. It`s look bit fine. What issue you are getting with this gig?
  12. Try to make marketing on social media and that actually take atleast 24 hours to update the click impressions number. Wait until and if you cant see the changes then try to check if your gigs are active or not. Hope that help!
  13. @kbasar_shourov actually that happened bcz you first created the gig and then you might take the exam. Sometimes it`s happened.try to change the category hope that helps!
  14. Yes, You can hire anyone if you need to get complete any project of your`s. Also you can use your fiverr balance there is no issue. Good luck!
  15. When a user take max time of exam there have a limit of how many time you can retake an exam.Until the time you have to wait to participate on next exam.
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