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  1. awesome best of luck! even i can't handle same client more then 3 times, your billing skill is very good
  2. simple if you are providing any kind of service that support monthly subscription like SEO, Management, Technical Support, your client can hire you advance by this subscription and he can pay you monthly based
  3. recently i got a notification on my Fiiverr profile which is found best for new users those are far behind in race of competition. https://www.fiverr.com/pages/seller-plus allow you to get full support and guide about your gig mistakes. Key features that make my day! insights with advanced analytics personalized guidance. What is Your Opinion About this feature ?
  4. complete some order and once you get some good review you will see the buyer request option on your profile!
  5. this option will only available after completing few order and you must get 4.7+ rating on your profile
  6. if you are new seller on fiverr, you need to complete some order and get review 4.7 + then buyer request will be available on your profile. Now Fiverr Added New Feature which is Seller Plugin https://www.fiverr.com/pages/seller-plus and you can take full advantage from this new feature!
  7. I got frustrated with some buyers, most buyers want to keep us busy for no reason and asking additional, and to prevent this i think the best option us charge them hourly but feature is not available on fiverr, and when custom work or fixing issues which has not defined time & cost. do you think fiverr should add hourly based work feature?
  8. No you can't have multi Fiverr Accounts it's against Fiverr terms and conditions. if your brother and you are in same home and both want to work Fiverr then your gig service should not be same example you have Gig about content writing then second account gig is about web design then there is no problem having multi accounts because in family multi persons can work on fiverr in a same network
  9. there is nothing that we can stop anyone from cancellation because buyer have rights to cancel order if they don't get what they want. but the problem is client don't know how to manage his project after deliver and it's not my mistake if they are not technical persons because sometime buyer come to order and even they don't know what is next! then they start learning from us! many time i told buyer that we are not teachers herešŸ˜‚ but the simple answer order is not completed then!!!!
  10. you can not change username on fiverr. according to fiverr: If you want to use another username, you need to close your account and create a new one. If you would like to use the email address in your current account for your new account, please change it before closing it.
  11. after cancellation of any order you need to wait 60 days get result again from the current status & keep up your performance and avoid further cancellation. Some Tips Make Sure You Understand Buyer Requirements. Mention it very cleanly any additional work will be additional cost. ask all your buyer to provide you complete details before he/she order any gig. charge extra for additional revisions. if you enough time to spend on the project and able to do that work properly then accept new orders. don't commitment many additional things that you can't do later!
  12. yes you are right, but the problem is client is not willing to pay anything extra for any additional work!
  13. I don't care about bad reviews because I do my work honestly then depend on client to express their experience
  14. finally I told buyer just cancel the order and get refund because the time I spend on his project is equal to 20 projects that can be done in same time frame but he just want to keep me in loop and already wasted 15 days. i don't find any better alterative option at the monument so I decided to cancel order.
  15. it means buyer has add your gig in bookmark and mark it favorite, this will help you to get more selling when buyer need any related service your profile will be suggested him before he search for any keyword.
  16. sorry but I don't agree with it but that doesn't mean we do additional work free of cost and they keep asking additional work in every revision
  17. Hi Guys, I have a question many Revisions buyer can take when we offer 0 Revisions in gig. because mostly time, many buyer take invalid revision to keep order on loop. and waste too much time by asking 100's of questions.
  18. yes allowed in few conditions https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360011062838-Video-Calls
  19. Hi Guys, recently I face a issue where buyer who come online for a 5 minute and taking daily revision and mention he not test yet delivery and he also asked additional work that was not part of work but now he is taking excuse to not accept order. i told him i will be happy to make change in project and if he need support i will provide. but he take revision and mention he not test project and its very late and what should i do cancel the order and refund him but the work already done from my side and i know he will leave false feedback!
  20. yes, but on the last page, but my issue is already relsoved!
  21. only possible when you get review from buyer then you will able to leave your review.
  22. Recently I got a notification to fill in tax information and after that, I notice Fiverr charges additional 5% on each sale. what is solution for that?
  23. dear Gownix, there is nothing that you can do, as Fiverr algorithm every new seller get a chance, so gig position can change anytime. what you can do? 1. Promote your gigs on social media and other platforms, 2. you can do good work, and if your client is happy with your work they will leave a positive rating that will be very helpful for your profile to get back on their position.
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