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  1. It’s a song or an artist? I dont have any idea :thinking:
  2. Hi, I obtained my first order after three months on Fiverr. I have delivered it, and I’m waiting for the review. I’m crossing my fingers to have an excellent review.
  3. You got it!! Stars for you It’s your turn @krheate
  4. This game is super fun!! 🤡 I think it’s easy
  5. Yessss, you got it!! I think it’s your turn @krheate
  6. It’s time for a clue. It’s a James Bond’s movie
  7. Hi, I’m here since October, and I had no order yet, so I didn’t earn a nickel. But I keep going.
  8. Hi, it’s a book? I have a guess but I’m not sure.
  9. Thanks for the post!! I’m a new seller, and I never think about advising because I don’t have orders yet so, how can I say to others what to do?
  10. Exactly!! Point to @imagination7413 It’s your turn
  11. It’s a long, long book. Actually there are three books
  12. 45 days and counting!! How much time take you to get your first order?
  13. Well, I think it’s my turn. 🕺 I know, it’s extremely easy, but it’s Sunday, my brain isn’t working haha
  14. It’s my turn. 🦕 It0s easy but I’m not too good at this
  15. Yes, it is!! Congratulations @alphagev It’s your turn
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