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  1. I have lost all my gig rankings for the last few days, 😫 I can’t get any orders, what should I do now?
  2. can a buyer change the budget after placing an order?
  3. Oh, Has it had a bad effect on your profile? [image]
  4. I don’t have late order delivery, but why is this warning appearing on my order page? image1304×494 25.6 KB
  5. How many orders can a buyer place at once?
  6. Someone said to me that if I active at Fiverr Forum, so, I`ll get more orders. :thinking: is it true?
  7. :roll_eyes: How long take Fiverr for pending money clearance?
  8. thanks for your explain… So the order will be canceled.?
  9. A buyer placed an order in my basic package. when I complete the order, then he saying me for more work but it wasn’t in my basic package, though I agree to do more work, he doesn`t give me the site access, so I cancel the order. Now showing this title, is it canceled? “THE ORDER WILL BE CANCELLED IN ABOUT 24 HOURS UNLESS THE BUYER DECLINES”
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