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  1. You send 10 offer to the buyer everyday. Then 10 buyer visit your gig daily. I hope you get a good gig impression.
  2. Thank you so much & I will follow your suggestion
  3. Yes, Sales Navigator is very helpful @iqanimations
  4. Thanks for sharing a good idea @career_enhancer
  5. Hi friends, I am new seller on Fiverr. I have good knowledge about targeted B2B lead generation, qualified business lead, LinkedIn research and 100% valid email list builder. Hopefully, if I get the order, I will be able to complete my work properly and also satisfied my client. But I want to take advice from you so that my gig can be improved. please share your experience and advice.
  6. Congratulations. I hope your new journey will be good.
  7. Today I will discuss why we select LinkedIn for Lead generation. It’s my first post and I’m a new seller in b2b lead generation. But I think, LinkedIn is the right platform for lead generation. Because we can get the first and last name any company person, job title, company website, valid email in a very easy way. The first step is viewing to target profile. This requires you to first determine who is your ideal lead. If you are using LinkedIn’s sales navigator tools you are given 22 different filter categories to refine the LinkedIn database into your ideal target list. To collect leads from LinkedIn you need to have an account in LinkedIn and complete and grow connection. If we want to give a perfect lead to the buyer then there is no alternative to LinkedIn.
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