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  1. Hi I delivered great work to buyer after first revision he was using fiverr app and have not check that file I did the great work .on that base he give feedback to me after that I am not getting order what should i do . He also said that he want to change his feedback and submit ticket to customer support center but after that he didn’t contact with me.
  2. Can I create gig which is related to assignment of mathematics? please suggest me can I create ? There are so many gig related to this in fiverr but I read the policy of fiverr ,seller cannot provide academic services .
  3. yes they will ban .because fiverr policy is you can not link one payooner accunt into two fiverr account.
  4. I am not getting orders how can i get orders .please visit my profile and tell what are the reasons behind this
  5. It’s not dedication, it’s terribly unhealthy. Ruining one’s own health should never be encouraged. Hi @catwriter can you tell me is it metter to stay online all the time for getting oders?
  6. Check out: New Sellers … Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait! @lloydsolutions i check
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