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  1. congratulation bro go ahead.what time latar u got the first order?
  2. congratulation bro have a nice journey on fiverr
  3. Hi guys, hope you are fit and fine. I’m here science on the first of September with three activated gigs related to WordPress. but I haven’t got any orders yet.is it ok or not? I’m nearly 16 hours active on Fiverr every day,
  4. if you get warning three times a month then it’s pretty sure you will be banned but if fiverr consider that’s the different case.
  5. Hi, hope you are fit and fine. whenever I see any buyer request then I see already a minimum of 50 sellers have offered the project that’s why I feel bad to offer. so guys please tell me what should I do to see the buyer request very earlier.
  6. Hi, I have activated a gig related to WordPress and I saw this gig on the 2nd page. But for a reason I edited the gig a little bit. after that I don’t see my gig within the 5th pages, and my impressions got down. so now tell me please what should do to rank my gig on the first page or any suggestion for me.
  7. bro first of all thanks for trying to give a good suggestion. My gig about create wordpress website. but i don’t get those tags like customize wordpress, create wordpress website,design wp etc.my categorie is programing and tach and sub categorie is wordpress.
  8. Hi! I have chosen few tags for my wordpress gig from others wordpress gig but when i search for tags then i don’t get them.Why can anyone of you tell me plz.This problem is too much to me.If it has any reason or solution plz help me by explaining. U can suggest me if changes needed in my gig.Thank you.may god bless u. https://www.fiverr.com/share/xkZY91
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