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  1. Hello question A user made an order and wants to cancel the order with the reason for ordering by mistake, do you know if this will affect me? Is there any way that it does not affect me? Thank you
  2. I made the mistake of creating an account as a buyer (I wanted to keep everything separately since I am also a seller), I have only made one purchase, My question is, do you know if it is possible to delete an account to avoid problems with fiverr? ,any advice?
  3. Sorry I thought that no one had responded, I did not receive any notification, Thank you. 😬
  4. Hello hello, Do you know if it is valid to have an account as a seller in fiverr and another as a buyer? Is there a problem with this? If you have any reference link, I would appreciate it.
  5. One as a seller And another to buy?
  6. Contact the buyer and notify them what you need to proceed with their order. It was the first thing I did, he connected, saw the message, and left.
  7. What do you recommend me to do? He is a new user in fiverr (he created his account in April of this year). As requirements he sent me the following image (I did not download it, it looks very suspicious) the service that he acquired is "article to video ", As requirements he had to send me a text file with his article so that I could make a video for him. What do you suggest me to do? x798Γ—452 13.8 KB
  8. I would change the thumbnail, even if your services are in Spanish, you must write them in English, the platform will translate them depending on the client, you must be active all day, updating the page to achieve better results.
  9. Take it as a challenge, the same thing happened to me, as I understand when going up to level 1 fiverr stops promoting yourself as before, you have to promote yourself until you achieve level 2, and according to some comments I read, they recommend raising prices in your gigs.
  10. I think you should improve your Thumbnails, they don’t look so professional (I think they can be better)
  11. Thank you, now I understand, so I will see it as a challenge from now on, it is a difficult test but I will do my best.
  12. There is definitely something you should change, since you have been a user since 2018, I would recommend you: Change all the thumbnails (They should look more attractive)All your Gigs have the same Keywords, change themImprove the description (Do not highlight all your text in bold)
  13. Today, like several people on the forum, we got the update from level 1 or 2, but in my case I don’t know what has been going on for 15 days, I have already updated my keywords, prices and descriptions but nothing You know what else I need to improve , Any recommendation?
  14. I wish you the best, I hope the same improves for both of us, I still nothing
  15. Always be active and try to improve your Gigs, I hope to improve this.
  16. We can only improve our Gigs and stay active πŸ™‚
  17. Which category you are working on? Im video editor . πŸ™‚
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