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  1. I known one person who got his first order after 7 months though he tried in every way. Be patient. Hope you get your first order soon. All the best πŸ’“
  2. Thank you for your quick response 😊
  3. Thank you so much I was really confused.
  4. Hello folks, Hope you are all doing well. Recently I have got a message to remove watermark from some images which were taken from shutterstock. Though I rejected to do so, I was wondering if I should have taken the order. Is it legal to take such type of order? Please let me know your thoughts. TIA πŸ’“
  5. Thank you so much.I will surely work on that 🌻
  6. Hello folks ! Hope you are doing great. Hoping for some answers regarding Gig editing. I have completed 2 orders with one of my gig. Can I edit the gig now? Just some minor editing like few words or so. Please let me know. TIA 🌸
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