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  1. After cancelling the order, the order completion ratio became 100% to 75%. Explaining this issue to support, they fixed it. Thanks All for your reply.
  2. Buyer mistakely gave 2 order. What can i do now. Do i have to contact support. Need help. Is order cancellation impect on profile or gig?
  3. Here is the attachment file that showing active 12 but showing only 2 requests. image1261×535 25 KB
  4. What if the score is below the previous score(Example: the previous score:7, Retake score: 6.5) Thanks
  5. I need some information about Fiber Skill Test, I got Adobe Photoshop Skill Test 7 score. If I take the exam again to improve the score if the score is below 7 or fail, then which score will show it in the profile. I lost my internet connection in the middle of some exams. Please check out these Adobe Illustrator test results. I lost my internet connection while answering question 39. ai589×529 22.4 KB
  6. Recently checked all major browsers and the results are the same.
  7. Hi There, I am new to the fiber community and face some sort of problem. It shows only 1 file in the attachment in the buyer request section from the desktop view, but it shows more files from the mobile view. I’m not sure if this is a bug or a browser problem? Please check the attached files that I uploaded. And sorry for my bad English. I am using Microsoft Edge Version 86.0.622.38 on Windows 10. Thanks, Ali desktop_view_file1323×635 45.2 KB mobile_view_files1080×2340 275 KB
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