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  1. I am a level one seller now, and I think being a new seller is better. I haven’t gotten an order since I moved up to level one on April 15 last month. The buyer requests are too many. The majority are terrible, slave-like, and ridiculous. Plus, I do not see new ones often. Many are there for weeks. Has Anyone experienced this, and how did it improve? What did you do?
  2. Marketing skills You have to hunt for your buyers elsewhere. Don’t let Fiverr be your only source of potential buyers
  3. I feel the same everyday. People are making lots of sales just by knowing HOW TO GET ORDERS. Here I have the skills and no orders. Shame on me, too. Maybe we need another skill. You know what skill, right?
  4. Hi, everyone I created my profile December last year, and I have been using the tips on the forum. I have completed 3 orders so far, have positive reviews, but the gigs aren’t selling. One of the gigs has a rating of 4.7. The other has 5.0. I did an excellent job with the few orders that came my way, mostly through buyers contacting me directly. I have been actively driving traffic to my gigs using LinkedIn. I have edited my prices to the lowest I can. What am I doing differently? What am I not doing right, please?
  5. I have a different question. how do you know your gig is on first page
  6. Someone recommends LinkedIn. I’ve started with that so far this year. I will see what happens after three weeks.
  7. I have tried to verify my account and it failed thrice. For that, my account was suspended temporarily. I contacted customer care and they gave me a new chance. When it seemed I have finally scaled it, I clicked my profile and still found the ‘Your account is disabled’ message. I checked the link CS gave me again, it says they couldn’t verify my account. I’m tired, frustrated. Anyone? What will happen to my account now? It’s just starting to get noticed.
  8. thanks, I have started implementing the changes. Thanks once again.
  9. Thanks, I do appreciate it. I will change that now. Thanks once again.
  10. hi all, I applied a lot of advice to creating my profile. I have the skills already before I signed up. The question is what else do I need to do. It’s more than a month and I haven’t got an order yet. This is my account: ajake2020 https://www.fiverr.com/ajake2020?up_rollout=true what am I doing wrong?
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