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  1. I just had the second worst experience with a customer. We had a decent conversation on what they wanted ordered. Created a custom order and they accepted. The conversation turns friendlier, which is not innately bad. They compliment me based on my profile picture which I politely decline/accept without crossing lines. Proceed to converse on common point on interest in relevance to the gig. They proceed to then ask me for my “snap or insta” I decline saying I don’t give out my personal information, it’s why I use fiverr (Also it’s against TOS). 15 minutes later he cancels the order with “she knows why ;)” I’m both shocked and appalled. Who uses fiverr for dating?! Way unprofessional. I’ve reported him and the cancelation, I don’t want this affecting my ratings.
  2. I reported the bug to customer support but I was curious to see if others have ever run across this error? My net income and withdrawn amounts are staggeringly different from my actual totals/earnings. I have seen this before but a couple of refreshes cleared the bug and my correct totals reappeared. This time however, my totals are not going back to normal. I found my correct totals by exporting my earnings into a CSV to be sure I wasn’t losing my mind. After some math there was about a 400-500 difference between my actual totals and what was being displayed! How many others have had this happen? Thanks!
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