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  1. I doubt many are charging $60 but paying $5 for a VO. eg. commercial use etc. will cost extra. Then there’s extra words/revision cost etc. Most VO charge more I think and it would normally cost extra for quicker delivery so they could animate it with the right timing. There’s already the tip option, though buyers aren’t forced to tip (they do get the message that it’s customary to though, depending on public/private rating). (post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)
  2. Dont EVER cancel an order. Deliver EXACTLY what the customer paid for. Explain with your delivery their code is flawed and you are delivering what you have been paid to do. Any other issue is not yours to worry about.
  3. Someone has removed their gig in this category. Now only 7 active gigs and NONE with any kind of sample showcasing their work. Yet all you sheep keep replying with “thanks for the info”! Why?
  4. It is not really one platform. The forum is run on the Discourse forum software. Hence, what you post here will have no direct impact on your Fiverr gig rank/placement and things like that. My original post is targeted at sellers who post here just to post something. They think that they need to post a certain number of times a day (no matter what they post) and heart thirty posts per day, and they will then magically get orders. Those are the ones I am targeting. There are a lot of useless posts that flood the forum because of this. This is what I and several other long-time users of the forum here have noticed and recognize. Yes, it is possible to get buyers by someone noticing that you post useful things. It will not happen if you post random things. And if it does happen, it happens very rarely, as seen in @mariashtelle1’s poll: Like the replies that go… “thanks for that interesting coment” or “yes, this is great information, thank you”!!! Theres plenty of rumours and YouTube videos getting around telling people they need to post here just to post often and it will increase their “participation rate” on the main platform. What a load of crap!
  5. The other thing is that it can be seasonal too. What I mean by this is that it all depends on factors occurring in certain countries such as public holidays/holiday seasons, COVID lockdown issues affecting people needing work done, weather - some businesses are weather dependent, plus there are a 1000 other freelancing websites out there too and people are discovering there may be other opportunities that provide a higher quality of work than is available here right now due to the glut of freelancing operating here currently.
  6. Essentially yes this is what happens. No one really knows the actual time it takes to recover either. Despite Fiverr’s constant assurances that pausing your gig or going “out of office” not affecting your ranking, it clearly does as you drop out of the search pool for a period of time. If you or anyone ever wants to go away and not take orders, you’re better off adjusting your delivery time to one that suits you OR adjusting your prices really high so noone will want to order from you.
  7. A bold statement to make with no evidence to disprove it!
  8. Each time you edit a gig you remove it from the search algorithm for a brief time and have to allow it to build up again. So you’re best off not changing it too often. Your best method is to make a change, leave it for a week and see how it performs then change again after a week if you think you need to modify something.
  9. There are currently 8 listed gigs in this category and NOT ONE has any kind of demo or sample of their work! Yet each one is claiming do amazing things for your business and making claims of having great success in this field. How is it these people can even create an audio gig with NO SAMPLES?
  10. To add to this list - THE YOUTUBE VIDEO MAKER. This person makes amazingly outrageous demands for studio quality audio from a voice over artist. Demands captivating and exciting script from copywriters. Requests enthralling video editing and graphics and special effects from video editors. All while offering to pay $3-$5 EACH! They do no work themselves at all to create these channels (of which there are far too many of right now), demand professional level work but refuse to pay for it. Folks of Fiverr - STOP WORKING FOR THESE PARASITES! PLEASE. The promise of LONG-TERM “employment” by these fools is not something to look forward to. You’re setting yourself up for constant demands, long hours of work for extremely little money.
  11. Why are you refunding for work you have completed? If they chose not to make this request sooner, then it’s on them to wear the cost now. DO NOT REFUND 🙂 You can offer to something at a discounted price next time perhaps but dont refund anything.
  12. True - but they wont come asking for cheap work if there is no cheap work being provided. Nothing will change until sellers take a stand and charge appropriately.
  13. This is where Fiverr is going now. A lot of people from India and Pakistan who make demands for “professional” services but arent willing to pay professional prices. Sadly, there are too many people willing to do these cheap jobs because they want to get started and the buyers know this and take advantage of it. Nothing will change until sellers take a stand and charge their worth not, what these cheapskate buyers want to pay.
  14. That’s easy. Just digitally watermark 30secs of the file with a tone every 10 seconds. Tell the prospective buyer this is what you will send and leave it up to them if they want to buy form you. Also, only send a low grade mp3 file rendered to around 96kpbs too so it’s super small but still decent enough to give an idea of what you can produce.
  15. The best DAW is the one you know how to use. Many people are getting great results using Audacity. Unless your getting a lot of work to justify something better, and you have the time to learn a new DAW, youre best sticking with what you have. I use Adobe Audition, but only because I already had it, and I’ve been using it for almost 20 years when they were Cool Edit Pro!!
  16. This is exactly why you dont offer unlimited revisions. There are just too many people on this platform who try to take advantage. Think about this. Say you’re a logo designer and you are tasked with creating a logo and the customer wants a revision. So you’ve now submitted 2 new logos for the price of one. Then he wants yet another revision. Now it’s 3 logos for the price of one and so on and so on. I too fell into the unlimited trap just to appear willing to work, but I realised after one buyer who just was never going to be satisfied that I now only offer one revision (voice over gigs) and any more, youre paying another $5 😉
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