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  1. Sir I was getting orders When My gigs were ranked , I have Changed everything , But Not the main keyword , My niche is Logo design so Regular Buyers are Not Not So much . Everything was going well , Then Gigs were de ranked and There is no way back , Impressions are Almost 0 , When My gig was ranking 20k Plus impressions were seen in last 7 days stats , Now its drop down to only 400 , Its really disgusting , My gigs are still active but not getting clicks and Impressions . Should I change my Gig's Keyword? I have heard By changing this Gigs are removed from searches ? Can You Guide How much time it will take to come back automatically ?
  2. I am Level 2 seller But My Gigs were De ranked and Now its about 45 days , I have tried everything Nothing is improving , all gigs are on last Pages. This used to happen for 15 days after But Now Its been a long Period! Promoted Gigs Feature is Reason for this I guess , anyone has Solution to rank Gigs again ?
  3. My 4 gigs are on 1st page and still am not getting order since 15 days
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