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  1. Cool! I’ll try it out with Fiverr and see how it’ll go. Will update the thread!
  2. Just learned that the Forum runs on Discourse! But the discourse app seems to be bad? with 2.5 rating. Is it any good?
  3. No It’s not a problem. You can buy a service from another seller no problem 🙂
  4. Yes It’s a problem. If both accounts are yours…
  5. Is there an App for the forum? Don’t you think there should be an App to make our lives easier? A separate App will do. Has Fiverr said anything about this? If there’s already an App, Sorry for my ignorance in advance.
  6. Just putting this here in case an agent goes through this thread. My ticket numbers - 4739554, 4696778, 4710154 Thanks!
  7. Yeah, they have done a lot right. I would say, Customer experience must be Top notch. High level buyers don’t mind paying more for better communication. Also, I guess you would need a team to handle all those orders right? It’s always amazing when you think about what you can achieve with Fiverr. Like Jesus Christ, He has over a Million subs right now! That’s crazy!
  8. Oh damn! I didn’t expect there would be that much! That’s really cool! I thought making around $5K is way above the average 😂 Guess I’m wrong 😂 I wonder if there’s anyone in this forum?
  9. Just out of curiosity, Has anyone become a Millionaire doing just Fiverr? Like the Net Income is 1mil on the earnings page? Investments from Fiverr money or Side hustles don’t count. Just Fiverr. If there is anyone, how long did it take?
  10. That is my experience too. I have learned with certain issues, CS is merely going to say work it out with your buyer. Therefore, I do my best to do so before I contact them. Then maybe it is about the number of reviews or the seriousness of the issue. This was the first time I contacted them after 2 years… I stay away from contacting them as much as I can. It’s serious enough to lose my client because of the delay. I don’t know if it’s just me, or I got some bad luck going on 😂
  11. Maybe, maybe not. @nsmadsen has less than 500 reviews and he gets the same service. But he is a level 2. Maybe Level 2 sellers get good CS too. 😉 I’m a Level 2 seller. Two tickets over 10 days now 😛
  12. I understand that this is not a usual situation and that a lot of people are in trouble, with their family and friends losing jobs and getting sick. One of my family also lost his job. So I have a bit of experience on how much the pandemic affects. But that’s not the point. Sure it takes so long to get approval for something, and that it is not easy as I said before. But they could’ve done something LONG before, I think. How much focus does Fiverr actually give to their sellers? I’m grateful that I have something like Fiverr to earn. I’m grateful for everything. I’m not being ignorant, just criticizing. They should basically give some more focus on their sellers. CS is just one thing. CS is what I had most issues with. That’s why I made this post to see if you guys feel the same and if you guys know any solutions to this. Fiverr is not our friend 😛
  13. I’m sorry you feel this way. If I recall you used to post a lot about how unfair the system is, and how you would leave Fiverr for ever. My guess is you didn’t find another platform that was fair. That’s because nothing is fair when it comes to a global marketplace. If you are looking for fair, and equal, then you are in for a shock. Obviously this is not a “normal” circumstance. I’m not asking for anything, I’m just criticizing. They could bring down that fire if they allocate some resources to buy some fire extinguishers don’t you think? 😉 They have changed multiple times but I’ve just seen improvements to acquire more sellers, Which I know is key to run the whole site but I have seen no improvement done for the sellers side. At least in CS. It’s like they know we’ll be here anyways we don’t have to care about them, just gonna do other things brb. You talked as if you are a Fiverr employee. Sorry about that.
  14. I would, if I were a representative. I am a seller, just like you. The only difference between us is the fact that I probably own more stock than you. I don’t understand your logic. Don’t you think the CS system could’ve been much much better? Way before the pandemic? How is this relevant here? 😂
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