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  1. This is the best tips for new seller. thanks for sharing ❤️
  2. Welcome to the fiverr Forum community ❤️
  3. totally agree with that. some people are really help lot👏
  4. Go to your profile then you will see a option take a test. you can take English test from there
  5. actually set cheaper price doesn't mean that you will get order. First you should set your price according to your service quality. SEO your gig properly. Then share your gig on social media by follow fiverr rules
  6. this is also happened with me before, I just create new payoneer account .I think it's better to use new one rather than the old one
  7. Welcome to the fiverr forum community. To be success on fiver you must have good skills and then patience. Good luck to you
  8. You have to earn. Fiverr don't give any loan. I didn't hear about it anything
  9. Welcome to the forum community.
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