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  1. Yes you can. That's not a problem. I guess maximum people use fiverr mobile app along side PC or laptop.
  2. You can use tinyurl or bitly or curly to make short url. it will make a short version of your link.
  3. Can not I share my domain portfolio link? like https://example.com
  4. Hi Community members, Greetings. I am a WordPress developer. I want to know can I share my personal portfolio website (Not blogger site) in byer request? Or is it also againist the Fiverr TOS? What I do is I share my portfilo link and sometimes I share my recent work in buyer request. As I know in WordPress category website link sharing is allowed. Please share everyone's knowledge and experience. Thanks Partha
  5. @krheate Actually I mean rank in the fiverr fourm not in the fiverr. After making a certain amount of comments on the Fiber Forum user get a rank or jump rank. I mean that.
  6. I have a question from long time. Can some explain properly. I see that lots of fiverr sellers are active in forum. They also get rank if they post or comment. So my question is why should I give enough time in fiverr forum. Is there any benefit except help each other?
  7. If you think like this "I will do every job in the best way" then buyer will sure return.
  8. Warm welcome. Do your best. Good luck.
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