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  1. Am I the only one? I haven’t received any new order but my order completion rate is dropping on its own!?
  2. It’s up to you to call the police, Fiverr won’t do it for you. Yes, they can ban that profile. And the buyer can create a new one. A few possible explanations: Fiverr showing the time wrong. It happens. Buyer is traveling. They have registered their profile while in one time zone, now they’re somewhere else. Buyer is using VPN to fake their location. Some people use VPN for privacy reasons, others, to fake something. Great. @catwriter I guess I will just stay away.
  3. @catwriter but atleast they can take some action on the profile here so others dont face the same 😦 Also, how come a buyers profile shows they are from a particular place but their timezone in chat shows a different timezone? any idea what these type of buyers are! I’m very scared now to even accept orders.
  4. @mariashtelle1 I blocked them here. Blocked them on the other platforms too but they keep making new profiles!!!
  5. @english_voice Sad. I hope they leave me alone. The seller is almost after my life on every platform! CS DOESNT RESPOND
  6. Hi, Hope everyone is doing well. I have contacted CS regarding this and I can’t seem to get any help! It’s been 10 days and no reply! Aren’t we human as sellers? Or are buyers the only gods? This is really not fair. Very disappointed. They are constantly contacting me and trying to make it sound like even after the money was returned to them they didnt get what they want! How can someone be so resentful and send threats! It’s really frustrating as I guess the client has a misunderstanding and a language barrier is just creating more confusion! How can I get through this! Its been days! Its really disappointing. 😦 :’(
  7. @english_voice very true. I see what happened now. Feels bad. Wish fiverr had a review system to check on such buyers. Its horrible that I made almost 7-10 revisions to this order. I hope no one goes through something like this. I wonder what CS is doing. Sad.
  8. I’m completely unsatisfied with this! How can buyers get a refund by making up irrelevant excuses? I’m putting myself on the line here as this could literally happen to anyone, it’s totally discouraging. I’m sorry this happened to you. Were you notified by CS at all? Hi pythagoras8pi, Don’t know. Its very disappointing, how can someone change so drastically after 7 days is what makes me have trust issues here now. 😦 I hope this doesn’t happen with anyone here. No, I wasn’t notified by CS. Best.
  9. Hi Ridwansugi, Thanks for taking out time to reply to my post! Yes, I the buyer went to CS and got a refund. Since the order was accepted and couldn’t open a dispute.(After 7 days of accepting the order) Yes, it is so very disappointing and demotivating that we put in so much hard work deliver a finished product along with all files as requested just to suddenly wake up to a cancellation! It was not even an action, just a brush so basic. Definitely an excuse from the buyer as they had nothing else to point out after 7 days of a sudden realisation that they need a refund. I had contacted CS that day itself, but seems like I only got an automated reply and nothing else yet. I think as a seller my basic rights have been violated as the buyer who now has got a refund has the sourcefiles and everything in that price with them and can use it whenever they want to without actually paying the price. I hope CS/Fiverr realise that it is us sellers also who do make up for an important part on this website. Really disappointing. Might just decide to be a little irregular here if this continues. Best, studiolumitex
  10. Hi, Hope everyone is doing well! I had a bad experience with a customer recently. As a seller I have managed to keep 100% satisfaction with the service that I provide. I also have high selling gigs, buyers are happy with results. This buyer, named ‘*******’ purchased a custom offer worth $100. Gave the design brief along with what they are looking for and when I sent them the completed file they even said that they liked the pattern very much and it went with their brand value etc. Even went gushing that its the ‘Perfect’ pattern for their coat. For more they even asked me for suggestions in their factory and I gave them valuable suggestions which they will now use! The order was completed and the requested files were sent to them along with Pantone colour chips. The customer was thrilled and happy. Suddenly after 7 days the buyer comes complaining saying that this is not what they asked for and how the pattern looks similar to other patterns they have. Even started pointing out that you have used brushes (Brushes are design assets and I have paid for them and they can be used by anyone once bought) I use Procreate to illustrate? Whats wrong in using a brush? To be more specific it was a crayon texture brush. It’s clear that they suddenly made up their mind. How can someone change so drastically? They found someone doing it cheaper so they requested for a refund??? How unfair is that! They sent me links from a free vector website and said I can buy 3000+ prints in the price you gave. and started pointing out and saying that this is not what they wanted. When they completely agreed on the price and the offer, even was overwhelmed eith the delivery! I have made the print entirely on my own and do not deserve such insults. As a seller on fiverr I am also responsible for the commission towards fiverr and have contributed quite a bit to feel insulted like this. This violates the right of the seller as the pattern is purchased with commercial license and now customer is asking for a refund over baseless points! It is very likely that they have used my print and will now request a refund as they are done with it. Im attaching proof of conversation during the order and suddenly insulting me after 7 days of the completed order. How is this acceptable? Don’t sellers have right to self respect? This is very concerning as a professional I wouldn’t want to risk selling print with licenses with this continues! It’s very disturbing too. This is really not done, I’m very disappointed and demotivated. It’s very disturbing for someone who has always been kind and extremely professional with the buyers on this platform. Has anyone faced this? What can I do to protect my rights as a seller? Is this platform only going to favour buyers? Any hope for a solution? Or do I just stop communicating with sellers who have no ratings or previous orders on the platform? Thankyou, studiolumitex image1125×2000 364 KB
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