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  1. Do not contact others on the Fiverr site. Your message will be marked as spam, and you could lose your account. Yes, using Buyer Requests is the best way to get your first sale. I wanna mean, try to reach your client via other social media site and after that show them your gig.
  2. Try to reach your desired client & show them your offer. Also you have to understood them, “You can solve their problem”.
  3. Good tips, but can you explain more about this line “Upload your gigs on youtube”?
  4. Be patient! Send your all buyer request everyday. Be active in fiverr & share your gig to your desired client.
  5. I also wanna know this. Waiting to see others comments.
  6. I said “I think” so maybe my thoughts wrong. These are known by my friends who are work in this marketplace.
  7. I said “I think” so maybe my thoughts wrong.
  8. How did you solve your problem, can you tell us?
  9. Gig rank depends on multiple factors. I think these are some of them: ReviewsFavImpression & clickRelevant tag, title & descriptionHow much order you already done.Your active time on fiverr
  10. Stay active most of the time, send all the buyer request and try to reach your desired client.
  11. Buyer request doesn’t come all the time. Reload the page every time & check which is the best time to get buyer request.
  12. Just wait. Send buyer request everyday, share your gig & be active.
  13. Complete order regularly with 5 star. Active most of the time. Gentle communication with client.
  14. Logo design is not easy if you beginner. It is a creative task. You may create your gig on minimalist catagory.
  15. you are right. Thanks for your tips.
  16. yeah, sure. This is good for your fiverr profile & gigs.
  17. Welcome back! Best wishes for your fiverr profile.
  18. It is cookies and caches problem of your browser. Clear it & reload buyer request page again.
  19. It took me 2 months. If you serious then you get order more early.
  20. Please clear your browser cookies and other history then try once. I think this will be helpful for you.
  21. Thank you for support! This is very helpful.
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