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  1. Yes, if you are not submitting the file you will not get paid and also a client can use it against you. You can request your client not to submit a modification request if there is nothing to modify.
  2. Yes, you always need to submit the file when you are asked for a modification.
  3. Essay Writing College Essays Suggest you remove the above from your list of skills. Also suggest you delete the gigs that have the word essays in the URL as that cannot be changed, and create new ones using the word article instead. That is the way to remove any doubt as to the service you are offering. Thank you, I did not know that. I will surely update my profile to make it according to the TOS of Fiverr.
  4. Thank you. It is really helpful. I will surely update my Gigs, as I do not want my account to be deleted.
  5. Thank you. I do not have any idea of the source file of Canva either. I expect that CS will have the copy of my deleted gig. Should i report it? Will it be helpful? Thank you.
  6. I am good. Welcome to Fiverr family. Mehroze from Pakistan.
  7. I had a gig that was removed by Fiverr for TOS violation. I had made that gig by myself. I created the image for that gig on canva by myself. On the very next day when my gig was removed, someone on Fiverr used all the contents of my gig and published it. I find it very offensive and disturbing. Although I did violate TOS of Fiverr, yet the gig was my original work. Please suggest me what should I do?
  8. I have been working on fiverr since the last year. how they can do this? I have used few lines from my previous gig in the new gig. that can be the reason?
  9. Some certain features on the website are not working fine. I am unable to view my gig or pause it. That button for “viewing the gig or pausing it” is not working properly. Please suggest to me any solution to resolve this issue.
  10. I am unable to open view gig button and I also can not see my stats.
  11. The client has not mentioned anything which can illustrate that this task is an homework.
  12. my client wants me to write an article by using some external news sources and he also wants me to share the URL sources of the websites which i shall use like the website of BBC CBC?. can i share those sources with him?
  13. Can I share the URL of the news source with the client on his/her demand?
  14. Tip: For when you get your gig on board: Want More Sales? .... No Sir! Ok, I shall keep it in my mind.
  15. Thank, you sir. It is helpful. I will try to follow the instructions.
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