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  1. it's not possible to change your current user name
  2. Create 7 gigs on Fiverr and put eye-catchy thumbnails and must send buyer requests every day (no copy-paste template)
  3. Welcome to Fiverr forum stay connected and learn new things form experts
  4. if possible stay as much as possible on Fiverr and share your gig on social media and most important send at last 10 buyer requests every day hope you will get your first order very soon. Thank you
  5. congratulations and welcome to fiverr forum
  6. check your buyer request section every 2/3 min later and refresh again and again. and obviously make your gig on different subcategory to get more buyer request
  7. i also confused about the gig marketing process. but if you have specific audiences on social media and you share your gig with them you have a chance to get sell from their
  8. Really helpful tips for everyone who is struggling on fiverr, Thanks for share this great tips
  9. Go to this link and select your gig which one not showing on search results and check the status of your gig. if it's showing gig active but not in search result then contact the customer support Thank you https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new/gig
  10. 🙂 🙂 Obviously, no I will develop another Fiverr 😁😁
  11. what can I do to get regular basic orders on Fiverr? or which step should follow to get new clients
  12. Please check your gig title and description before publishing your gig. your gig description or title not following FIVERR TOS as a result the Gig is denied. I suggest you please visit some of the gigs in your category and follow them what type of description and title they used. after completing this step try to make this gig again Hope you will understand
  13. Yes $20 is the minimum withdraw amount, if you don't have $20 then the withdraw option will be shown as unavailable
  14. wait for the time (i mean 15 july full day )
  15. Congratulations. Stay connect with your buyers and do more projects with him 🙂
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