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  1. Is there any way to contact the Fiverr support team regarding this topic? It seems to be a very problematic topic, and I specifically have a problem because when I click “verify” it says it can send a link only via smartphone, and has a number *** *** *-- where the two last numbers match no phone I have. Is there a way to configure my phone number so it shows up instead of a random other phone number?
  2. Someone said you could put relevant tags on your profile. How can you do this or is it something automatic? Thanks for the help!
  3. Awesome! Thank you for the response! Looks like I need to check it more frequently, but also, does anyone have advice for what tags to put? My gig is in the Creative Writing category, and mostly focuses on story writing. I was at a complete loss as to which tags would be good, since the learning course gave no advice regarding that, and tags on other peoples’ gigs seem to be invisible. Also, can someone help me out with how to set profile tags? Or is that something automatic?
  4. I have seen that the buyer request feature is a good way to get orders, but whenever I open the Buyer Requests tab I see nothing, it reads, “No requests found.” Am I doing something wrong? Or are there just no requests at the time I open it? Any details on how the feature works would be much appreciated, thank you!
  5. On the second part: Click the Gig’s tab, click on the gig you want to limit, turn on [LIMIT] in the menu that opens, and type the number. You’ll have to do that for each gig individually. Also, note that this does not actually act as a hard barrier. People can still order the gig. It’s just a visual deterrent. If you’re dealing with too many orders, it’s a sign that it’s time to raise your prices. Thank you! That worked, and that topic also will be helpful!
  6. Thank you for the helpful tips! I have a question and I hope this is a good place to post it. Somewhere I read that I could limit the number of orders that I can receive at a time on a given gig. Could someone explain where to set that, if it’s possible?
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