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  1. Yes I agree…There should be level playing field for both buyers and sellers. Nobody should be loser by system mistakes.
  2. I think it is not a good idea but I respect your thought.
  3. You have to add Payoneer account 1st. Then you can withdraw from Payoneer to Local bank.
  4. Welcome to the platform. Keep patience & be steady.
  5. It will be helpful for new seller as well as old seller who didn’t face yet.
  6. Keep researching & learn about fiverr trend as well as whole freelancing trend. You have to spend time to find the way. Must be patient.
  7. Welcome … keep researching and you will find the way.
  8. Yes…I faced practically that my gig was in the 1st page in particular keyword but after editing price the gig is fully vanished. Yet to see that gig in any page.
  9. Hi Frank, Hope you are doing well, I was really happy to read your observations. Thank you. I am also observing the matters that nothing is matching or being truth as seniors guidelines. I mean seniors/expert sellers advise and guidelines also not working nowadays. Anyways, I am agreed with you almost but I have question to you based on your article. I didn’t find anything clearly(or I missed) in you post about new sellers. What is your observation that how fiverr 3.0 is considering new sellers gigs or how a new seller can be considered to get orders? Thanks in advance imk4all
  10. If you create your gig with care- proper research & taking more time, then you should wait for the rank. If you do everything ok then nothing more to do. In fact there are lot of gigs publishing daily and there huge competition. So we should not think much about gig ranking rather should try other ways to get reached clients such as replying BR, Gig marketing etc. I am not an expert and I am also waiting for 1st order but I realized that Gig ranking is a factor but not everything. You may not get order even though your gig on 1st page. Actually everything depends on sellers merits, tactics, intelligence, creativity and somewhat luck. In a word, seller must be able to pay highest effort to be succeed. Thanks imk4all
  11. @shoukat112 Do you have any further updates or advice from Fiverr? If yes please
  12. Can you help to know -1. How I can get impressions & clicks on my gigs? 2. How to get the first order?
  13. Welcome! Just research on Fiver tips and tricks in this Forums/Blogs.
  14. Congrats! Hope for the best. Just wait with patience.
  15. Following the same question…
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