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  1. I am a new seller. What should i do to get the first order?

    1. dannykojima1


      Hi @shakibgra. I think you may have confusing me as Fiverr staff, but I'm just a buyer on Fiverr Forum.

      I just checked your gigs and there is something wrong in your description which doesn't make sense to me, but there are problem with your gigs description when you put "Why Choose Us", are you working alone or are there any whole team are working with you?

      Anyway, I suggest it better to do some research on the forum and ask the sellers for the tips on the forum. Maybe someone may help give you a correct answer. Sorry, I can't help you with this since I don't really spend a lot of times on the forum.

    2. shakibgra


      Thanks for you reply. problem with my gigs description ?

    3. dannykojima1


      @shakibgraYou're welcome, and good luck!

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