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  1. hi there, I have an order in progress which is placed by a VID client. For some reasons we both are agree to deliver that at lower price and start new one with new project. Please help me to find out an appropriate way to change its price so that I can avoid cancelation. If canceling the order is the only way then please guide me if we can go through a safe cancellation. thanks ❤️
  2. buyer wants to decrease the price of an order which is in progress, is there any appropriate way to do that?

  3. is it safe to sending a message to him?
  4. Hi dear fellows, I have received a message from a buyer. He wants me on zoom to ask some questions. What should I reply him with? Can I even allowed to reply him that its not allowed to contact outside the fiverr?
  5. Sorry he will have to make a purchase of up to $100 then you will get 20 percent of it Screenshot_20201202-1725511080×2340 220 KB
  6. This is not for the sellers. If you refer fiverr to someone and he will make an order above $20 then you will get the reward
  7. Thanks a lot for sharing all the details and experience with us. I agree with you and personal info is not only for asking about his family or his wealth status.
  8. 😂 It is not like that you mentioned things. I wanna just to know that what he does and does his business or company have any public profile. What is his age so that I can talk more comfortable
  9. I can build wordpress e-commerce & autopilot websites
  10. Thanks to all my seniors. It was very helpful to me. Your response is really appreciated.
  11. Only if you want them to see you as unprofessional (the best case scenario) or as a crazy stalker or possibly a criminal. What makes you think that someone who hires you to do a job wants some idle chit-chat just because you’re bored? If you wish to talk to someone, don’t you have friends and family? They could think that you’re unprofessional or a maniac, give you such a terrible feedback that nobody who reads it wants to work with you, report you for highly inappropriate behavior (and you could get permanently banned for that)… What gave you the idea to ask your buyer private questions? I completed the order and he was also free so I thought about some chit-chat. Therefore I asked community about this
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