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  1. This is really helpful. once again thank you so much.
  2. Once again, Congrats and best wishes for you. 💗
  3. I came here long time ago, But I'm part-time working here because I'm student and Programming enthusiastic and you know this a freelance platform. But in the last 3 months I got many orders with my new skills and finally got Level One. 😇 I wish I could do better in the future. 🤘
  4. no! no need active in 24 hours. you are a human and not a robot.
  5. Wow, That's great 😍 best wishes for you.
  6. Has done the same post twice more and same time... This is not spamming platform.
  7. I checked your gig. Not good at all and you have to do better gig images and descriptions.
  8. Third-party extension, Fiverr doesn't like it. and You are not a ROBOT, So why you want to active always here?
  9. great. that's a good idea. Thanks buddy.
  10. In the understand the work of the client's, If I use google meet link, what could be the problem? I am a web developer, it is very important to speak directly for tasks.
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