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  1. Follow these steps — Create your gig perfectly, fill up all the criteria.Create an unique looking gig photo and most importantly don’t copy others gig photo.Write about the services you can actually provide. Don’t exaggerate.Keep your pricing fair. Don’t charge too low or too much.Don’t copy paste gig description.Try to add FAQ to cover up as much question as you can (related to your gig).Click here
  2. Keep consulting to your neerby health complex or doctors. Keep your distance from others and get well soon.
  3. You can’t send offers? Or post a request? Or can’t see BR? I can’t send offers. My bad?
  4. I can’t send offer in buyer request from fiverr app. I can’t find out what seems to be the problem. Can anyone help me fix this problem?
  5. Hello, I am Rownok Bosunia from Bangladesh. I am a Web developer. During this pandemic I am trying to put my web developing skills into use in fiverr and make something out of it. Profile: https://www.fiverr.com/rownok_bosunia
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